Neubauten say auf wiedersehen to Musterhaus with a nightcap…or six

Posted August 10th, 2007 by logan

Launched back in 2005, albeit somewhat redundantly, to give the always recording Einstürzende Neubauten an outlet for their “more experimental impulses and explorations,” the group’s always interesting Musterhaus series is in fact no more. Weingeister – their eighth and final installment – finds Blixa and the boys popping and pouring, gargling and gorging on vintage European libations amidst a backdrop of various other wine-related sounds. According to the sleeve notes, any and everything in sight was fair game for a contact mic – “the table, the glasses, the throats.” And as a tribute of sorts, each track is labeled according to the vintage consumed:

  1. “2004 Carridi Bianco/Colosi, Sicilia,” 5:00
  2. “2004 Moscato Giallo/Manincor, Alto Adige,” 7:02
  3. “1997 Cuvée Annamaria Clementi/Ca’ Del Bosco, Lombardia,” 4:28
  4. “2003 Rosso Di Bisaccia/Cossentino, Sicilia,” 6:49
  5. “1995 Brunello Riserva/Col D’Orcia, Toscana,” 5:27
  6. “1997 Condrieu Les Chaillets/Cuilleron, Rhone,” 3:46

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a sommelier thanked on a record before. (Kudos to you Peer Martiny!) For those still craving their members-only Blixa fix, webmaster/Bargeld’s wife Erin Zhu has promised that despite the demise of the Musterhaus series, the multi-phase Supporter Project will continue on as planned.

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