The Cure’s new record postponed for the third time

Posted August 10th, 2007 by eric · 1 Comment

The Cure’s 13th studio album was slated for a May release this year, but frontman Robert Smith admitted to having trouble writing lyrics to the 30-plus songs the band had written, so the record was pushed to October. Well, Geffen has just announced that Smith is still recording, so it’s a spring 2008 release now, despite the fact that a full-scale tour was plotted around the new record’s October deadline. Smith complained of having to write lyrics back when Disintegration came out. A two decade-old writer’s block seems more than enough warning to stop, wouldn’t you say? Jesus, if it’s that hard, do something else. It’s not like the lyrics on Wild Mood Swings or that self-titled 2004 monstrosity were any good anyway. 

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