Chromeo’s ‘fancy footwork’ opening doors

Posted September 18th, 2007 by eric

So “Needy Girl” wasn’t just an underground one-hit wonder after all. This Montreal synth-funk duo has more to offer than slick catchy joke throwbacks. Its latest record for Vice, Fancy Footwork, has inspired all kinds of people to fight for a piece of the action. The Beastie Boys have offered up a few opening slots on their current tour, so Chromeo will be exposed to upwards of 12,000 fans per show. And even more exciting is the news that their idols Hall & Oates have asked the guys to collaborate with them on their new record. And if things still couldn’t get any better, Chromeo is set to make it’s first national TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in mid-October. Hey, and Paris Hilton is a fan, so they must be doing something right.

Stream the video for Fancy Footowrk’s first single, “Tenderoni”, here.

 09.19 Montreal, Metropolis: WITH BEASTIE BOYS
 09.20 Montreal, Bell Center: WITH BEASTIE BOYS
 09.21 Toronto, Air Canada Center: WITH BEASTIE BOYS
 09.22 Toronto, Hummingbird Center for the Performing Arts: WITH BEASTIE BOYS
 09.29 LA: Neighborhood Festival
 10.4 Vancouver, TBC
 10.5 Edmonton, Starlite Room
 10.6 Calgary, The Legion
11.10: Miami: Bang Music Festival

 10.25 London, Scala
 10.26 Brighton, Digital
 10.27 Leeds, Stylus
 11.22 Newcastle, Digital
 11.23 Manchester, Warehouse Project
 11.24 Bristol, Thekla
 11.29 Glasgow, Sub Club
 11.30 Liverpool, Korova
12.1 Birmingham, Rainbow Warehouse

 10.20 Rekjavik: Icelandic Airwaves Festival
 11.16 Moscow, Pavillon Production
 11.17 St. Petersburg, Ice Palace

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