Scarlett Johansson “Summertime” video montage

Posted September 20th, 2007 by eric

Actors and actresses who turn to singing usually end up the butt of endless jokes, eh Bruno? Yet, somehow, Scarlett Johansson’s dabbling seems exempt from such jaded scorn. Oh, it’s just because she’s she’s mind-bogglingly hot. Well, probably, but Miss Johansson has certainly upped her credibility since she recorded this old jazz standard, having announced not only an entire album of Tom Waits covers (spladow!) but also singing live on stage with the Jesus & Mary Chain at this year’s Coachella festival. Someone edited clips of her from Lost in Translation to meld with the slow burning mood of “Summertime”, and it works surprisingly well. Johansson’s voice isn’t quite was I was hoping for. It’s adequate and at times even quite pretty, but compared to her husky, over-sexed speaking voice it’s invariably a letdown. Still looking forward to the Waits covers record, though. And the actual cover, ahem.

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