The mysterious scruples of Tommy Lee: no Rock of Love

Posted October 25th, 2007 by eric

Maybe you’ll find this confusing as well: Tommy Lee claims he would never stoop to be on a frivolous show like VH-1’s Rock of Love, starring Poison’s Brett Michaels. Quoth the Crue’s proudest phraseologist: “Just to stop the rumors… I AM NOT nor would I ever do a stupid show like the ‘Rock of Love’!!” Yet he would certainly stoop to participate in Tommy Lee Goes to College and Rock Star Supernova– two d-list, bottom-feeding, lowest-common-denominator bags of ass. I’m not sure why he’s so emphatic about dissing Rock of Love. It’s far less embarrassing than either of his prior television pursuits. Perhaps, his strict code of ethics operates on a level the rest of us fails to understand. Or, he took passing notice of the fact that Motley Crue sued his manager for allowing him to shame himself repeatedly on television.

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    sorry but i love tommy lee and no matter what what he does wrong he will always be right just like nikki sixx