Killer of Silkworm drummer found guilty

Posted November 1st, 2007 by eric

Lingerie model Jeanette Sliwinski was found guilty of “reckless homicide” for slamming her car into another car containing Silkworm drummer Michael Dahlquist and two friends, who were stopped at a red light on their way to lunch on July 14, 2005. Although, the judge rejected an insanity plea, Sliwinski’s defense successfully argued that she was suicidal and that her intention was only to harm herself, so the judge lessened the charges from first degree murder, which would have carried a life imprisonment penalty. As it stands now, Sliwinski only faces about ten years for the reduced “reckless homicide” charge. Ten years seems slight given such an egregious error in judgment resulting in three innocent deaths. But I suppose prison can’t fix fucking stupid. The two remaining members of Silkworm, Andy Cohen and Tim Midgett, have formed Bottomless Pit, whose debut record is out now

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  • 1 patrick // Nov 1, 2007 at 11:58 am

    from my understanding of the law, murder actually only becomes murder when it’s premeditated. i don’t think sliwinksi meant to kill them — like you said, dad, you can’t “fix fucking stupid.”

    regardless, i feel as if justice has been served. though that’ll never bring silkworm back, i relish the fact that she’ll have to live with the fact that her dumb, irresponsible ass killed three innocent people. and she’ll never forget that.

    fuck, that sounds harsh.

  • 2 Eric Greenwood // Nov 1, 2007 at 12:15 pm

    i don’t feel that justice has been served at all. ten years seems far too easy. i don’t care if she meant to or not. sure, it’s not technically murder. but the dumb bitch had to know she would kill someone driving 90 miles an hour and plowing into the back of a stopped car.

  • 3 K // Nov 1, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    “prison can’t fix fucking stupid.” I want that on a bumper sticker!

  • 4 Logan Young // Nov 1, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    “I came out in prison” would look great on t-shirt, too.

  • 5 mp // Nov 7, 2007 at 1:01 am

    The Evidence– Jeanette Sliwinski got into a fight with her mother after admittedly using cocaine, ecstasy, Adderall, and 21-28 apple martini’s 3-4 nights a week for years. Her mother was “strict” and continued to take her to doctors and said “Jeanette does what she wants to do when she wants to.” Her mother woke her up early that morning to mow the lawn, demanded that she run errands with her and then they witnessed a car crash. Her mother became sad and hysterical. After they arrived home Jeanette ran passed her dog named Gucci, got into her red Ford Mustang Convertible and sped off. It turns out that most of the roads that led to Dempster had been blocked off because of the previous collision. The road was relatively empty. The few cars that she sped towards, saw her coming and had the ability to move out of the way. It turned out that there was no “simple” crash that her mother could react to. At this point she saw Michael Dahlquist’s car trapped at a red light, not knowing when the light would turn green, she intentionally pressed on the gas pedal so hard that it eventually wrapped around her foot. She intentionally looked into the back of the head of a human and slammed her car into him/them. She did not mean to kill these men specifically but she absolutely intended to do whatever it took to get in that car wreck- whether that meant killing herself or anyone else. Days before this, she called the local wellness center and threatened to kill herself while her mother listened. They told her mother to take her to the hospital which never happened. She told the wellness center, that called her back a couple hours later to see why she had not showed up, that she was feeling better and did not want to go to the hospital. Drama, Drama, Drama. She is 23 years old. The morning of the murder, her mother chased her in her own car and instead of asking anyone about her daughter’s condition she tried to remove Jeanette’s purse and booze from the scene as the paramedics backs were turned. That is who these people are. Shallow, Narcissistic and Histrionic. You need not intend to kill others in your heart, but instead that intent lies in your head. She just didn’t care. I think it is safe to compare her behavior to the philosophy coined”the banality of evil.” The judge himself said that “there may have been ample evidence for a first degree murder ruling, but I believe Sliwinski, in a warped state of mind, only intended to hurt herself.” Warped stae of mind… This woman was doctor shopping as she specifically asked for Adderall, lied to these doctors about her “medical” history and omitted relevant information in regards to her drug use. She never mentioned any thoughts that would be considered psychotic. She was turned over, by her mother, for a 24 hour stay to a hospital after admittedly taking cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy and Adderall. According to her own words she had not slept for three days. After being medicated so she could sleep, she said she felt fine and wanted to be released. She did not stop using drugs and 2 weeks later she killed 3 men, because she could. She is no longer being treated for any psychiatric disorder. Miraculously after being in jail she is no longer bi-polar or psychotic. Ten years in jail is the MAXIMUM sentence. This means that if she received the maximum sentence that she would get out in 6. Look up what other sentences she could receive and proceed to be sick. She killed 3 men who enjoyed trying new local restaurants on their lunch break together. They had jobs. They spent their money on rent and enjoyed the company of friends. Those friends live with broken hearts every day. Jeanette Sliwinski snickered, rolled her eyes and smiled every day she was in that court room for 2 and a half years. The only time she showed depressed emotion is when they spoke about the ramifications she may have to face. Shallow mixed with Narcissism equals Histrionic behavior that wound up killing 3 nice guys.