Prince thanks fans for their support with legal threats

Posted November 7th, 2007 by eric

Prince is an asshole. I’ve never heard of a celebrity who made it so difficult to be a fan. He won’t even let his fans call themselves fans. They’re “fams.” Now he’s threatening to sue said “fams” for posting pictures their tattoos if they bear his royal likeness. What a cock. I realize Prince has always restricted access to himself in unsubtle ways since the very beginning of his career by being difficult and contemptuously aloof, but there comes a point where you’re just a fucking twat. His three biggest “fam” sites have reacted to the cease and desist orders from Prince’s battalion of attorneys requesting that all photos, artwork, and Prince-related imagery be removed immediately from their sites by forming The united front surmises that Prince is taking such course of action “to stifle all critical commentary about Prince.” Umm, unlikely. I know bad reviews can be a bitch, but try not being a narcissistic, self-absorbed fruitcake and write a decent batch of tunes every now and again. Policing YouTube and taking shots at your own stubbornly loyal supporters is not going to help future concert attendance or record sales.

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