New Bauhaus album will be final Bauhaus album

Posted December 4th, 2007 by eric

After reuniting in 1998 for the enormously successful Resurrection Tour, art-punk pioneers, Bauhaus, have taken their time putting together new material. The band originally split in 1983 after lead singer Peter Murphy fell ill during the recording of its then swan-song Burning from the Inside, allowing guitarist Daniel Ash to take up the slack. The taking up of said slack sat none too well with Murphy, causing a rift that resulted in a Peter Murphy solo career and Love and Rockets

The 1998 reunion tour went so well the band recorded one song, the Dead Can Dance cover “Severence”, and released the live album, Gotham. Coachella called in 2005 and the band reunited yet again, touring actively that fall and well into 2006, culminating with an opening spot on Nine Inch Nails’ 2006 summer tour. The band debuted new material at these shows, which spawned Going Away White, Bauhaus’ first new record since 1983, which will be released via iTunes and the band’s own Bahaus Musik imprint on March 4. Sadly, some inexplicable incident has severed the band’s internal good will, so not only will this be Bauhaus’ final record, there will be no more touring.

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