Billy Bragg throws a dog in Morrissey’s NME fight

Posted December 12th, 2007 by eric

Never one to shy away from political haughtiness of his own, folk-punk troubadour Billy Bragg has chimed in on the Morrissey “not a racist” PR scandal via The Guardian’s editorial pages. Bragg lightly slaps Morrissey for stirring up drama when the former Smiths singer knows good and well everything he said was caught on tape. Morrissey contends his comments were “butchered, redesigned, reordered, chopped, snipped and split”, and used his pointedly articulate pen to shred NME writer Tim Jonze’s credibility. Bragg contends had Morrissey simply responded to the NME with “a stirring defence of his right to freedom of speech, a reasoned argument in favour of an open and honest debate about the pros and cons of immigration, and a staunch refusal to give in to ‘political correctness'” then his reputation would be far less sullied. Instead, Morrissey chose to sue, which Bragg characterizes as an act of “those wealthy folk who are self-centred enough to believe that they are above criticism.” I don’t know. I rather enjoyed Morrissey’s scathing attack. He hasn’t been this nasty since the trial.

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