Shitty By Association

Posted December 19th, 2007 by logan

If merely lying down with them is cause enough for fleas, then those who – of their own volition no less – agree to lip synch to one of the worst songs by one of the biggest, mangiest bitches since Cujo deserve nothing less than the beheading of their first born by spoon and their respective urethras injected with Freddie Mercury-sized AIDS.

After catching this complete waste of sound and image from those four Canuck fagocytes that call themselves Nickelback, the contempt a priori I had for gaywads like the Teutul Bros. and their meathead of a father was only magnified to near Biblical proportions. I mean, I knew already that those girls in Hefner’s harem were imbecilic whores. Now I know they’re borderline autistic harlots who, in addition to wasting away their vagina’s glory days on octogenarian cock, have even worse taste in music. I half suspected rough hewn grappler Chuck Liddell a fan of this shite, but I just thought Wayne Gretzky had spent enough time in L.A. and New York to know right from wrong. Taryn Manning was in a film with Britney, so this cum repository obviously don’t know no better. Ditto for Oscar-winning grundles Three 6 Mafia. Kid Rock says “No” to bad ideas less often than Courtney Love, while Dale Earnhardt Jr. must’ve been too distraught after finding out who really caused 9/11 to exercise good judgment. And the one time I suffered through Gene Simmons’s reality show, he super-glued one of Carrot Top’s prop dildos to his hand and went to his sister-in-law’s Vegas wedding with it hidden under his coat.

In a way, this is way, way worse than those 2 girls and that 1 cup-half-full of theirs.

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