Amy Winehouse: how long can this go on?

Posted January 22nd, 2008 by eric

Amy Winehouse’s smoking crack is neither interesting nor surprising. She’s a complete and utter mess. Even stating that is stating the obvious. If you’ve ever seen her perform, you can tell by her unemotional glassy stare that the road to oblivion is not long. Idolator actually grew a conscience with regards to Winehouse schadenfreude, calling for a moratorium on smarmy jabs at the downward-spiraling chanteuse. The video that’s making the rounds today is beyond depressing. It’s just so hard to relate to someone with that much going for her to fuck it all up with such reckless abandon. At this point, it seems next to impossible for her to get her life sorted out. Being surrounded by sycophants, photographers, and fame-grabbers certainly isn’t helping. For those callous enough to have hedged their bets on Winehouse’s demise, sooner rather than later is unfortunately probably more likely.    

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