Robert Plant knows no rainbows

Posted January 23rd, 2008 by eric · No Comments

So, some jackass claims to have heard Robert Plant dissing Radiohead in a bar in London, labeling them “rhyming crap.” People talk shit when they’re drinking, but “rhyming crap” seems harsh, as Thom Yorke is a bit more obtuse than your typical lyricist. Sure, he’s rhymed a time or two, but, erm, so has Master Plant. And if we’re comparing lyrics, I don’t know that the written word is Plant’s strongest suit. To lump Yorke in with lyrical dunderheads like Anthony Keidis, though, is more than a stretch. But Plant was in Led Zeppelin, so he can say whatever he wants. If it were a member of Fall Out Boy, it’d be a different story. I doubt Radiohead gives a shit, anyway, as Robert Plants’ seal of approval is doubtfully even on their radar.

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