Strange, clueless interview with Interscope head Jimmy Iovine

Posted February 21st, 2008 by eric

When climbing the American corporate ladder, it goes without saying that the more you make the less you actually have to do. But does it also hold true that the more you make the further your head is crammed up your own ass to the point where you have no idea what on earth is going on around you? Well, it’s debatable, but Jimmy Iovine certainly lends credence to that theory. If even heads of labels are this wildly off base and clueless about the music industry, then there’s not much hope for improvement. Iovine is being interviewed in this video by a friend at Interscope headquarters. Why he allowed this interview to take place I have no idea. He sounds out of his mind, offering his “insights” into the current state of the music industry. Gems like “if you’re in a band, make sure somebody…in the band can write” spew forth without even realizing how absurd that might sound to those of us with actively firing synapses. Hilarious commentary on the interview here.

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