RETRO: The Escape Club “Wild Wild West” video

Posted February 22nd, 2008 by eric · 1 Comment

As a loyal Top 40 listener as a kid, I had a high tolerance for shitty pop music. But there were a few songs that pushed me over the edge. UB40’s “Red Red Wine” comes to mind. To this day, if I hear that song, I can feel my blood begin to boil. However, nothing, not even Live’s Throwing Copper in its entirety (not from the 80’s but my most hated album of all time), can scratch the surface of how much I wanted The Escape Club to burn in an acid bath for all eternity for releasing “Wild Wild West.” And it wasn’t just the fact that the song was overplayed to the point of madness; it’s an atrocious piece pop culture that has aged as badly as neon Jams. I had almost purged “Wild Wild West” from my memory until I stumbled across a reference to it today, and my mouth instinctively soured. Late ’80’s pop was a sad era for Casey Kasem’s countdown, but no song I can recall topped The Escape Club’s corny anthem for sheer awfulness. And it’s every bit as bad as I remembered.

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