MTV debuts The Loder Files with a rare Prince interview

Posted March 27th, 2008 by eric · No Comments

Having whisked its only credible source off to the doldrums of online movie reviews, MTV lost its last semblance of legitimacy in hiding Kurt Loder from the camera. His caustic wit and unflappable charm made MTV palatable throughout its awkward teen years, but with the channel hell-bent on erasing the music video from its cultural radar and cramming its airwaves full of celebrity-fluff, MTV is now little more than an irrelevant ghost that appeals to don’t-know-any-better-yet tweens. Not much room for Kurt Loder in that context. Yet, somebody at MTV realizes the goldmine of material Loder provided the channel; hence, The Loder Files- a new weekly online column in which Kurt Loder presents classic interviews from his heyday. First up, a rare 1999 interview with Prince, wherein the purple one refuses to take off his shades, much to the chagrin of the segment’s producer.

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