Kristin Hersh debuts performance piece in UK

Posted March 28th, 2008 by eric

If you’re a Throwing Muses fan or at least even quasi-familiar with Kristin Hersh’s solo material, then you’re well aware that her mental anguish is serious if not altogether frightening. Well, Hersh has made strides battling mental illness over the past two decades, and she’s put together a spoken-word performance piece entitled “Paradoxical Undressing”, which debuted in the UK this week. The text from the show is excerpted verbatim from Hersh’s forthcoming memoirs, which recounts her life in the music industry as well as her infamous battle with mental illness. Quoth Hersh, “I thought I’d have to be dead or at least very old before I wrote ‘memoirs’, but re-reading diary entries from my teenage years, I realized I wanted to hear these essays voiced. They’re my stories, so my choice of actors was limited!”

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