Morrissey “That’s How People Grow UP” video

Posted March 28th, 2008 by eric

To coincide with yet another compilation, Morrissey has released this new single as the featured track on his new Greatest Hits record. I haven’t the faintest idea how this compilation differs from all the others, but have no doubt that Morrissey knows how to milk a market share (“reissue, repackage…”, never mind). His star has re-risen in the past few years more out of nostalgic sympathy than an actual resurgence of good records, though You Are the Quarry had its moments. I will give the man his props for performance, however, as his live show is still a rocking affair, replete with all the required Smiths gems as well as his own equally substantive early solo singles. But “That’s How People Grow Up” is a phoned-in single. With its surprisingly meaty guitars and aggressive back beat, Morrissey feigns his beleaguered angst in a laboriously un-catchy chorus that amounts to little more than nebulous twaddle. Ugh. The video is amusing only because it showcases those lifeless twits that scamper on stage desperately in an attempt to hug the aged vegan. I have a feeling that when Morrissey watches the footage back he laughs at them all.

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