Costello to CD’s: Momofuku

Posted May 6th, 2008 by eric · 1 Comment

Elvis Costello’s been very public about his annoyance with making records in today’s iPod culture of instant consumption, so to acknowledge the impending death of the compact disc, Costello has issued his new record, Momofuku (explanation here), in only digital and vinyl formats. That’s right, no CD’s. So, he’s taking care of the hardcore fans with the vinyl and nodding to the future present with digital downloads. Those pesky, transient compact discs aren’t going to be collecting any dust in the Costello rack at your local record store. We’re lucky he even agreed to put out a record at all after saying he only cares about playing live anymore. He’ll be getting plenty of exposure this summer opening for that band The Police. I don’t know who will be able to afford his concert. I guess the corporate dicks who eat up all the spots at Superbowls. Stream Costello’s new record here.

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  • 1 Arthur Seaton // May 6, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Holy crap, Chris Knox just commented on his “sell out” entry.