My Bloody Valentine is touring the US this fall

Posted May 6th, 2008 by eric

I’ve grown up resignedly accepting the fact that there are some bands I’ll just never get to see live. Not because they’re dead, but because they had bad break ups or whatever various and sundry reasons caused their demise. Talking Heads is one example. Well, a few exceptions have creeped up on me over the years much to my delight. I got to see Bauhaus in 1998, which blew me away, not only because it was just surreal seeing a band that was so inextricably bound to my adolescence that I thought it was a permanent part of the past but because they were absolutely amazing.  And I saw The Police last summer, which was equally surreal, if not quite as energized. I’m not a big fan of reunions, per se, but I love music more than I hate reunions. The news of My Bloody Valentine’s regrouping shouldn’t have surprised me that much given the fact that just about every band on the planet is getting back together whether anyone actually wants them to or not, but I guess I figured Kevin Shields had morphed into too much of a freak hermit to pull it off. So, I’m beyond intrigued/excited to see how they sound 17 years after the release of Loveless, one of my favorite albums of all time.

My Bloody Valentine:

09-19-21 Monticello, NY – Kutshers Country Club (ATP New York)
09-22 New York, NY – Roseland
09-23 New York, NY – Roseland
09-25 Toronto, Ontario – Ricoh
09-27 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
09-30 San Francisco, CA – The Concourse
10-01 Los Angeles, CA – Santa Monica Civic
10-02 Los Angeles, CA – Santa Monica Civic

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