Gang of Two

Posted May 7th, 2008 by eric · No Comments

After a successful and tasteful resurgence, the reunited original line-up of Gang of Four has been cut in half, as bassist Dave Allen and drummer Hugo Burnham have quit due to time constraints. Allen posted an amicable missive on his blog, explaining his decision:

“At the beginning of April, I decided that I could no longer continue to be a member of Gang of Four. My ability to give 100% to the band is limited and I feel that if I can’t do so, then I shouldn’t continue. As I expand my research and thinking about contemporary music distribution on, and as I focus on online technology and social networking at Nemo Design here in Portland, I find myself conflicted about how the band’s new music should be released. To retain any credibility for about what the future of music distribution will look like, I have to move on and not hold back Jon and Andy’s music plans.”

All of which means Jon King and Andy Gill will continue on as Gang of Four, unfortunately. A new album was in the works with the original four. No word yet on whether the final product will feature that line-up. I think I’d just call it a day if half my band quit, but King and Gill have carried on this way in the past. Remember Mall?  *Shudder*.

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