Radiohead + Apocalypse in DC

Posted May 12th, 2008 by k

The weather didn’t at all cooperate with Radiohead’s fans last night and they’re sharing their horrific experiences online today.

Some folks didn’t even make it inside.

Pasta Primavera’s got an amazing photo from the parking lot.

Others probably wish they hadn’t…

You know when there us a huge storm with lightening and thunder and it pours down like you read about in the bible for about 10 minutes then it’s done? Well take out the thunder and lightening, and prolong the biblical pouring for 3+ hours and you might be in the ballpark.


Consumerist has quotes and comments galore…

One of the two roads getting into the venue was closed due to flooding, and the venue began denying people parking. Instead they would send them on “detours” around the venue never letting anyone park causing a lot of people to spend hours sitting in gridlock in their cars going around and around the venue while the show played.

It even got mentioned on the Radiohead site.

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