Courtney Love has to be to blame for this…

Posted May 30th, 2008 by eric

Once you reach a certain level of fame your dignity becomes harder and harder to hold on to. And that goes double for when you’re dead. I’m pretty sure Kurt Cobain would hemorrhage at the thought of Converse making a signature shoe in his honor. Well, actually, publicly he would have made a big stink about being taken advantage of while privately stoking the idea. That seemed to be his MO. But the bad taste in my mouth at the thought of Converse trying to cash in in such a gratuitously gauche way won’t go away. I guess it’s probably exacerbated by the fact that Cobain died wearing a pair of suede green One Stars, so anytime I see Converse juxtaposed with Kurt Cobain’s name I picture those photographs of his dead body lying in that greenhouse with those shoes sticking out at the bottom. Who is the target audience for this? Would anyone over the age of 12 wear something like this? And does the Hannah Montana demographic even know or care about Kurt Cobain?

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