Lily Allen might quit music if you don’t like her new record

Posted July 7th, 2008 by eric

Lily Allen is one party with Pete Doherty away from Amy Winehouse-ing her career. Since the success of her debut, Alright, Sill, Allen has made herself more than available for tabloid fodder. Mosty drunken shenanigans. Nothing too crazy. Luckily for her, Amy Winehouse’s spiral stairs are waaaay steeper, so Allen’s hijinks have mostly been forgettable. Her current spat with fat talentless fucktard Perez Hilton aside, Allen has made some curious choices post-fame.  She’s a perpetual over-sharer on her MySpace blog, lamenting cliched body-type issues and generic insecurities, the sappiness of which are usually more than made up for in caustic wit. But her latest self-esteem crisis is her morbid fear of the public’s reception to her forthcoming album, tentatively titled Stuck on the Naughty Step, as she recently told Rolling Stone:

I’m really scared about what people are going to say. Some people will like it and some won’t. If people hate it, then I’ll just try something else.


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