Stereolab “Neon Beanbag” video

Posted August 26th, 2008 by eric · No Comments

This is the second video from Stereolab’s new Chemical Chords album- the band’s first in four years. I have yet to pick it up, but the first two singles have me itching to do so. I never tire of Lætitia Sadier’s voice or Tim Gane’s experimental droning lounge pop. It annoys me to death when people complain that all Stereolab albums sound the same. I couldn’t disagree more. Sure, there’s a common musical thread that runs throughout the band’s history, but Stereolab always pushes into something new, whether it be toying with the limits of the traditional pop construct, layering diverging and concurrent melodies, or incorporating incongruous styles into a seamless drone. I get lost every time.

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