Blur’s “complicated” future

Posted September 22nd, 2008 by eric

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has responded to erstwhile bandleader Damon Albarn’s premature claim that “Blur is over.” Who knows what the fuck is going on in these guys’ heads, but it’s interesting to see Graham actually defensive about Blur’s future. That’s progress.  It’s probably just a pissing contest with Damon, but if it leads to something substantive, I’m for it. Now that Damon’s outgrown his fetish with American underground rock (which he suffered from in the late 1990’s), I think Blur could make a great record. 13 just doesn’t represent Blur well enough for me to be the band’s swan song as a four-piece (2003’s Think Tank doesn’t count, since it was Blur as a trio).

Speaking of 13, I recently saw footage of Blur on Live with Jools Holland from 1999, and Holland asked the obligatory “which Blur album is your favorite” nonsense to which Damon replied the new one (meaning 13). It just struck me as such bullshit. I guess you have to be fired up about your music to bother putting it out and promoting it. But, come on, does Damon, in his heart of hearts, honestly think 13 is even remotely as good as Parklife or Modern Life is Rubbish? No way.

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