New Guns N’ Roses album should have been called Anachronistic Catastrophe

Posted October 29th, 2008 by eric

And I thought I was puzzled by the new Guns N’ Roses song: Elizabeth Day over at the Guardian says that while listening to the new single by Axl’s thinly veiled GNR tribute ensemble she is "struck by its uncanny resemblance to the Crocodile Dundee soundtrack" (hahahaha, what?), concluding that "it’s the musical equivalent of a Werther’s Original – reassuringly evocative of a simpler age." I can’t say I agree. It’s amazingly bad. No hook, no chorus. Axl’s voice is bazillion-tracked and the guitars just sputter random licks that go absolutely nowhere. It’s nonsense. Day also notes that some GNR fans on the NYT message board are a little underwhelmed: "Thanks for taking so long Axl. I hardly have any hair left to headbang to this with." Zing! Oh, wait, real GNR fans don’t read the New York Times. Zing retracted.

Chinese Democracy – Guns N Roses

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  • 1 lightclub // Oct 29, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    There is another song about Chinese Democracy…by a band that has played at protests in front of Chinese Embassy in Washington DC and at big rallies for Tibet.

    It’s ours…we have been in this a long time….not just jumping on that other big band’s latest release after 14 years. We have appeared at pro-China Demcracy rallies all up and down the East Coast including Boston and NYC where thousands were in attendance. We have friends who are in Chinese jails for being Falun Gong……we don’t think that people should “blame it on the Falun Gong” like the other song says.

    If you get a moment, check out our song “Chinese Democracy defiled” on our MySpace page. The intro before the singing starts is only 30 seconds…half as short as it is on the other “Chinese Democracy” song.

    Keep On Rockin in the Free World!