RETRO: Arcadia “Election Day” video

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Though, it may seem too obvious to post today because of it’s title, the lyrics are remarkably bizarre and non-linear- perfect, in fact, for a day as strange as this:

“Wild kind of look to the day/Opening eyes impale neon flickers/She moves she’s turning away/The city’s her slave/He’s cheating his mistress/She’s moody and grey, she’s mean and she’s restless (so restless)/All over you as they say rumours or rivals yell at the strike force/
Hi guys, by the way, are you aware you’re being illegal/It’s making your savior behaviour look evil”

Arcadia never played this song live, as the band never toured, but later-incarnations of Duran Duran would play it occasionally. To kick it off, lead singer Simon Le Bon would stand at a pulpit and recite the “Friends, Romans, countryman, lend me your ears” bit from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Le Bon at his most laughably pompous.

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