Do you want to hear Carnival of Light?

Posted November 18th, 2008 by eric

"Carnival of Light", the rare, "mythical" Beatles track that Paul McCartney is teasing journalists with, doesn’t exactly sound like a good time. There’s a reason the other three Beatles wanted no part in making public the 14 minutes of "shrieks and psychedelic effects" recorded on January 5, 1967. Now that he only has Ringo and some widows to push around, McCartney wants this indulgent secret to have its day. Its release is akin to the moral dilemma of publishing a dead star’s private journals. Is its historical impact more important than the wishes of its creators? I’d like to give McCartney the benefit of the doubt and think that he isn’t pushing this as means for a new Beatles cash cow, but the man did just pay out a small percentage of his fortune to that one-legged gold-digging shrill freak he was briefly married to. So, who knows. I’m just as curious as anyone else, but I can’t imagine it will be a substantive or even rewarding listen.   

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