Prince pointing fingers from high atop purple throne

Posted November 20th, 2008 by eric

According to various sources, The New Yorker is standing behind its story that Prince has besmirched the gay lifestyle with some bible-thumping judgement high atop his purple throne. Prince’s minions are denying any of this, of course, with typically half-assed "out of context" excuses. No one wants to be publicly blackballed as a bigot, but Prince is a Jehova’s Witness. That cloudy cult sect is not exactly friendly with the gays, theologically speaking. The media is running wild with hypocrisy claims against Prince, a man who has made a career out of androgyny and pansexualism. This type of story is exactly why I hate interviews with musicians. I don’t ever want to know what any musician/actor/entertainer thinks about anything, as it is almost always a cloud-busting experience. And I find it hard to believe that Prince has never once considered dipping his purple wick in any overly hirsute holes. Come on.

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