Katastrophy Wife

Posted November 21st, 2008 by eric · No Comments

Found out about Kat Bjelland’s new band by way of one of Courtney Love’s illiterate and indecipherable blogs. Evidently, Bjelleand’s home is in danger of being "reposeesed", which one can only assume by context should read "repossessed." Sad news. But on the plus side, Bjelland’s new band is awesome. Her vocal stylings don’t stray far from the manic yelping and crazily possessed howling and grunting she parlayed into a brief major label stint with Babes in Toyland in the early 1990’s. Her philosophy doesn’t sound like it’s changed much either. Quoth Bjelland on FasterLouder.com: “There’s so many pussy bands on the radio that just aren’t pissed off with anything anymore! Nobody has any balls to say what they honestly feel!” Agreed.

Check out "Sweetheart" on Kataostrophy Wife’s MySpace:


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