Blur to reform in 2009, like totally official this time

Posted November 25th, 2008 by eric

If the last year’s "will they/won’t they" saga is any indication, this news will probably be shat all over by another member of the band in a matter of days, but – for now at least – Blur is officially confirmed to be heading into the studio next year, according to frontman Damon Albarn. He recently told the NME, "Blur are certainly going to rehearse and see if we’re into it." I don’t want to read or write another word about it until it actually happens, but that’s not very likely. Five years between records really isn’t that dramatic. Hell, Tears for Fears took five years to follow up Songs from the Big Chair and that turned out…well, ok, bad example. Albarn doesn’t seem to have lost his way, musically, though. I’ve been on board with just about everything he’s done, minus that half-baked solo record from a few years ago. So, he’s surely got another Blur record up his sleeve.    

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