Blur Drummer keeps political bids alive

Posted December 12th, 2008 by eric

Despite all the hoopla about the flurry of Blur activity in the coming months, particularly the Hyde Park concert on July 3rd (tickets for which sold out in one hour), drummer Dave Rowntree, clearly the most grounded of the quartet, continues to pursue political representation under the Labour banner. After a loss last year to the Tories in the conservative Marleybone district, Rowntree is vying for seats in London and Westminster against another Conservative MP Mark Field. With Albarn and Coxon finally ready to play some music together again, let’s hope Rowntree’s political aspirations don’t stymie any future Blur progress. We know Alex James can put his cheese-making on hold, but political responsibilities won’t be so easy to shirk. [via The Daily Swarm]

Rowntree’s political spot from last year:

And his interview with British PM, Gordon Brown:

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