Smashing Pumpkins promise to suck well into the future, just in smaller doses

Posted December 12th, 2008 by eric

Billy Corgan’s delusional behavior reached new levels of cry-baby over-reactionary absurdity this week when he swore off albums in favor of "radio-friendly" singles. He’s not eschewing albums for any forward-thinking, technological reason. No, it’s just a defensive, knee-jerk reaction to the fact that nobody listened to his band’s latest crap record. Obviously, his first mistake was reforming The Smashing Pumpkins at all. Well, technically, the band wasn’t reformed, since only half its members participated; the name was simply resurrected for transparently commercial reasons. That steaming turd of a "comeback" album, Zeitgeist, was DOA for fans and alternative radio alike, even though Corgan tried to milk that shit to the elevendy billionth degree. Then, the jackass billed a tour as "20th Anniversary" only to turn around and pretty much tells his fans to eat shit while he wanked on extended unlistenable noise-guitar jams that no one had ever heard before, avoiding the hits the crowds paid to hear. And now Corgan is whining about how nobody buys albums anymore, much less listens to them. No, Billy, I think they do occasionally make it through an entire record, just not shite ones like Zeitgeist. Sure, iPods have changed the way people listen to music, but if something’s really good, chances are people will notice.

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