To those who wait… A Place to Bury Strangers

Posted January 4th, 2009 by k

About a decade ago, I fell in love with a little known band from southern Virginia called Skywave. Their sound, a sort of mashing of Jesus and Mary Chain with the effects laden shoegaze swirl of My Bloody Valentine, caught my ear and never let go. Many a mix tape/cd of the past decade has included a track from Skywave and I still listen to Echodrone pretty regularly. I even posted about them in the “retro” category on the Drawer, going so far as to find out what they were up to in 2007. Somehow, however, I completely missed the fact that Oliver Ackermann (of Skywave) had formed a new band (in addition to his pedal/effects company and club). Poor investigative reporting on my part.

Fortunately, a year and a half later, Eric noted A Place to Bury Strangers playing on Sirius Radio and referenced an old Pitchfork review he had read about them and today I am very happily reunited with the sounds of Ackermann. Kismet!

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