Let Led Zeppelin die

Posted January 7th, 2009 by eric

I can barely bring myself to comment on this it’s so disheartening. The Led Zeppelin rumor mill is one of the most prolific and fickle gossip topics to infect every news feeder imaginable. The back and forth over whether the band would ever play again was beaten into the ground in 2007 but eventually came to fruition with a quasi-reunited Led Zeppelin gig at O2 Arena in honor of Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertgeun. The moment a whiff of a new rumor surfaces it takes up just about every other spot in my Reader, so I can’t avoid it. And now it’s whether Jimmy Page will assemble a 50% version of the band with John Bonham’s son Jason again playing drums and the dubious prospect of a singer for hire. This is an unquestionably bad idea. Even if it’s called something other than Led Zeppelin, it will still manage to taint the legacy, especially if new music is recorded. And that goes quadruple if Page decides on a vocalist other than Robert Plant. Plant’s made it perfectly clear he is uninterested in rehashing the past, but Page wants to taste the glory again. I hope his ego doesn’t blind him to the fact that this will be a sad, predicable end to a relatively blight-less legacy.

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