Apparently Dent May is the Flavour of the Week

Posted January 9th, 2009 by k

Almost a year ago, after reading about Dent May on Kitsune Noir, I somehow came to possess a handful of tracks (Apparently entitled the “Brush With Velvet EP”) from Dent May and quite quickly “Meet Me in the Garden” came to be “that song.” You know, “That Song,” the one that plays on shuffle on your iPod that you can’t for the life of you identify, requiring you to pull it out of your pocket or sack to see who is responsible. Ok, maybe I’m alone in this experience. In any case, I often thought I was listening to some random Jens Lekman b-side (of which I possess far too many, something I should be loathe to admit), which given Dent’s lyrical content, baritone and uke playing is an understandable, if embarrassing misidentification. After I found myself checking the screen on several occasions during a Dent May track I guess I should have known he’d someday be on the pages of all the blogsters and twugsters. Good on ya, Dent.

Anyhow, seems he’s got a new album (debut?) coming out. Sadly, the EP doesn’t appear to be freely available anymore.

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