New Trail of Dead streams at MySpace, Spin

Posted January 29th, 2009 by eric

Trail of Dead has posted a new song on its MySpace page, “Isis Unveiled.” Yeah, so the past two Trail of Dead records have been on the lacking side, but I’m open to the idea that the band can get things back on track (despite no re-enlistment of bassist Neil Busch…ugh). “Isis Unveiled” certainly helps to that end. It’s a typically bombastic, overblown rocker with one of the band’s catchiest guitar riffs to date. Conrad Keely’s vocals seem awfully high in the mix, but that could be due to my shitty speakers at work. Full of drama, rambunctious percussion, and chaotic cymbals, the song soars, buoyed by Keely’s surprisingly strong vocal track. The breakdown recalls past musical tangents and betrays Keely’s fondness for Pink Floyd-ian pomposity. Promising, to say the least.

And Spin has an exclusive stream of “Ascending”, also off The Century of Self, out February 17, 2009 via the band’s own Richter Scale records, and it rocks even harder. I have to say I’m excited.    

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