Prince trades Corvette in for Segway

Posted February 17th, 2009 by eric

It’s been almost 25 years since Prince cruised around on his purple hog in Purple Rain. A lot has changed in that quarter of a century interim. Prince is no longer starring in vanity (intended) film projects. Nor is he cruising around on two good hips. I’ll give him this, though: the man still looks pretty damn good. He may be a bible thumping fruitbat these days, but he’s still the best live act I’ve ever witnessed. Now, if anyone can improve the image of the Segway, it’s Prince, but even that is a hard sell. I don’t know that purple and androgyny work well on the world’s lamest boondoggle/excuse for not walking. You can order the t-shirt version of this fine photo here. [via KFL]  

Tags: humor