Telltale tour dates + mp3 stream

Posted February 27th, 2009 by eric

With former members of Elevator Action and Columbia, South Carolina’s sadly defunct Orgone Accumulator, Brooklyn’s Telltale showcases an intriguing mix of experimental no-wave, minimalist post-punk, and dark shoegaze. The result is akin to pre-Bad Moon Rising Sonic Youth, as Eric Gilstrap’s voice recalls Thurston Moore’s youthful, angst-ridden inflection when he punches up the tension. The music churns in a slow burn, awash in effects, but there’s an aggression lurking just beneath the surface that maintains an uneasy atmosphere. There’s also a healthy dose of reverb to help wash down all the gauzy noise. The Deli magazine has just listed Telltale at #28 out of 300 NYC bands creating “web buzz.” Pretty impressive. The trio is hitting the road this spring to spread the good word, hitting a handful of east coast cities. Dates and details on the poster below, but more information can be found on the band’s MySpace page.

You can stream the band’s killer Fad Gadget cover here: Telltale – Back to Nature.mp3.

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