Posted March 2nd, 2009 by eric

Robert Smith’s ALL CAPS clarification regarding his opinion on Radiohead’s “idiot business model” for In Rainbows is a defensive, slightly bitter, rambling, and typo-filled reiteration of how mysterious icons of yore should probably avoiding “blogging”, as it sort of sucks the air out of the fantasy balloon. Does anyone really care what the author of “Birdmad Girl” and “Throw Your Foot” thinks of Radiohead’s marketing strategies? Maybe, it was just a ploy to see his Google Alert status skyrocket, since 4:13 Dream (or whatever it’s called) failed to spark any reaction other than obligatory applause at recent shows, as fans waited for strains of a familiar tune. I know Smith relishes his outsider stance in the music industry, as I’ve heard him bemoan The Cure’s poor, neglected stature countless times. Seems oddly out of place considering his band was just heralded “Godlike Genius” by NME, but he’s not exactly the most upbeat fellow.    

Tags: controversy