Graham Coxon to release concept album in May

Posted March 9th, 2009 by eric

Graham Coxon, now back “of Blur”, has a new solo record due out May 11, entitled The Spinning Top, to be preceded by the single, “In The Morning”, which will be available on limited edition etched 10” vinyl on April 18 to help celebrate “Record Store Day.” It’s Coxon’s first stab at a thematic, narrative-based, concept album. The guitarist is mostly shunning electric in favor of acoustic this time out, but there will be a few “explosive” moments, as he explained to NME:

“I wanted to show how exciting acoustic instruments can be, how dynamic and rich and heart-thumpingly raw they can sound at a time when acoustic music seems either too cute or too soppy.” 

Is “soppy” even a word? Is it Brit-speak for “sappy?” Anyway, Coxon will be tied up with his old Blur mates for most of the summer, playing gigantic festivals, so a proper solo tour won’t happen until fall. But that’s a pretty sweet lead-in, I’d say.

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