R.I.P. Johnithin Christ of Code of Honor (1958-2009)

Posted March 10th, 2009 by eric

Johnithin Christ of early 1980’s San Francisco hardcore band Code of Honor died on March 5, 2009 of complications from pneumonia. He had beaten cancer, but his immune system had been wrecked by the chemotherapy. So the bout with pneumonia easily shut him down. Hard to believe anyone in Code of Honor could be in his fifties. Sad news. The clip below is of Columbia’s legendary Assfactor 4 covering Code of Honor’s classic “Attempted Control” at a benefit for WUSC back in the spring of 1995.

assfactor 4 – attempted control – may 1995 – columbia, sc

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  • 1 Jay Be // Apr 4, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Sorry to here about JC’s passing last year … heard today on Easter. Strange huh? Bands like COH inspire me to keep living for Truth. I know someday…we’ll win! Jay in Myrtle Beach