Duran Duran hit the studio with Mark Ronson

Posted March 24th, 2009 by eric

Duran Duran is in the studio with producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen) to record the follow-up to Red Carpet Massacre– an album that polarized fans more than any in its oeuvre. Perhaps, it was the collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Or maybe even the hip hop sway of producer Timbaland. Regardless, it failed to reach beyond the band’s die-hard base, and even reaching that far was a struggle, as there were message boards created by fans who felt betrayed by the album’s johnny-come-lately direction. Duran Duran has always fancied itself as a band moving forward, never stopping to recognize that nostalgia and sentiment fueled much of its longevity, especially its reunion rebirth in the early oughts. Working with trendy producers is a dicey game for an established band, whose creative apex is – in all likelihood – decades behind it. Just ask Chris Cornell how his new Timbaland-produced record is treating him. Unfazed, Duran Duran is again moving forward, hoping to capture some of Mark Ronson’s magic touch in the studio. I think this collaboration makes much more sense. Ronson is a long-time fan of the band, and, if Duran Duran has any tricks left up its sleeve, then this guy will surely be able to nurture them along.

Here’s a news clip of Ronson’s perfomance with Duran Duran in Paris last year:

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