Prince “Dreamer” live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 03.26.2009

Posted March 27th, 2009 by eric

Prince played his second consecutive night on The Tonight Show last night, upping the ante considerably with “Dreamer”- a guitar heavy, Hendrix-style rocker. The previous night’s “Ol’ Skool Company” didn’t have much of an impact, save for the awkward, politically slanted shout-outs and funky, hookless jams. Both of these songs are available on Prince’s new 3-CD set LOTUSFLOW3R/MPLSOUND/ELIXIR, which is specially priced at Target for $11.99. Or, if you hate those exclusive big box retailer deals, which shit on real record stores, then you can join the LOTUSFLOW3R website for a mere $77 a year and gain access to the new tunes as well as allegedly rare, archival Prince nuggets. The questionably designed site is off to a bumpy start with forums packed with complaints about the lack of actual material available, not to mention the cryptic access points. Prince’s web ventures have always been somewhat inscrutable, and LOTUSFLOW3R is no exception. The guy just can’t figure out how to get his music out now that the major labels have run out of ideas.

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