RETRO: Kommunity FK “Something Inside Me Has Died” video

Posted April 7th, 2009 by eric

I was just reminded of this song by Kommunity FK because a friend sent me a completely arbitrary list of the 30 Best Goth Records of all time, and I lamented this song’s omission. In high school my tastes often veered towards the darker side: Sisters of Mercy, Southern Death Cult, Bauhaus, etc., and Kommunity FK’s “Something Inside Me Has Died” was a forgotten classic even then. Watching the video again after so long, I’m overwhelmed by how unbelievably cheesy the imagery is, not to mention the bad ’80s clothes/hair. “Goth” as a musical subgenre has never garnered much respect and justifiably so. No band would choose to be called “goth” unless it were trying to exploit a checklist of cliches. Just ask Siouxsie Sioux if she’s a goth. Or, for even more laughs, ask Robert Smith how he feels about being labeled as such. Regardless, this song stands the test of time. Still sounds great.

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  • 1 Patrik // May 15, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Thanx for your kudos, words. But as far as your saying that my ‘look’ was “cheesy” is quite off the mark. At that time NOBODY looked like me. Nor did anybody even sound close to Kommunity FK, my passion, my concept. Alot of now famous/infamous personages had come to many of our performances taking notes whose names I refuse to mention here.
    But, again, thanx for taking notice on what indeed is a composition that came from my experiences & my Heart.
    Btw, that video had legs then & is still being played in today’s ‘Goth/Deathrock’ klubs all over the world, so I’ve been told.
    Kommunity FK is heading out on tour beginning in late August into September. A brand new lp is being recorded as well. It’s not that I’m flogging a deathrock horse, I luv all animals, but, I can only still not stop Kommunity FK with it’s most loving fans & as self expressuion through my Vision&Voice moniker.