Noisettes “Don’t upset the Rhythm” Live on Jools Holland

Posted April 16th, 2009 by eric · No Comments

Well, this is certainly surprising. Last time I heard Noisettes the London trio was hardly confined to one genre, but its muscles flexed hardest on the rock side of the fence. The band’s recent UK single is a far cry from anything on its sprawling debut, What’s the Time Mr Wolf?, eschewing sinewy bass lines and flashy rock guitars in favor of disco beats and electronic flourishes. Vocalist Shingai Shoniwa unquestionably has the chops to pull off this R&B-inflected number, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. Sure, bands take sharp left turns all the time, but it’s often to their detriment. Not every band can pull off genre-hopping, especially when it’s this extreme, but this song’s propulsive confidence is hard to ignore. Noisettes second record Wild Young Hearts is out now in the UK. [via Prefix]

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