Sorry Lily, I’m far too slack to bother

Posted May 7th, 2009 by k

A dear friend sent me the Lily Allen Secret London Gig details today and while I’d love to see Ms. Allen again, I’m just far too slack to go to all the trouble necessary to get to the show.

1) Please bring ID. [ok, that’s pretty easy. Even I can manage that.]
2) Please bring a print out of your mySpace profile. [seriously? a print out? Come on.]
3) It’s a small gig, so don’t be slack. Once it’s full, it’s full. [fair point. The hordes will be in full force for sure.]
4) The theme is London Tube Stations. Dress up. As an added bonus, the people who dress up the very best will win a meet and greet apr├Ęs-show. [ A costume?! in May?!]

Not to mention that I’d need to go all the way across town to Portabello Market Tent and then be swept away by the Magical MySpace Bus or Coach or whatever to the secret Venue. Thanks, but no thanks.

Though, the Tube Themed costume does give me some ideas for next Halloween.

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