(Julian) Plenti of mp3’s

Posted May 18th, 2009 by eric

When news of Paul Banks’ solo record hit the week before last, there was very little in the way of musical evidence, save for a few looped blips at julianplenti.com. Now Matador has stepped up with a full download of “Fun That We Have” off Skyscraper, the Julian Plenti debut, set for an early August release.  You may have heard “Fun That We Have”, as it hit the blogs last week, but the other three songs are a little more obscure. I found them over at Bee Killer and managed to grab them before they were taken down. They are rare live versions of songs from the forthcoming record, which give a little more insight into the direction of Banks’ tangent away from Interpol. In addition to “cocky” and” sexy”, we can now add the following to the list of vaguely confusing descriptions proffered: “flashing a sneaky sense of humor from behind a mouthful of poisonous daggers.”

Julian Plenti – Fun That We Have.mp3

Julian Plenti – Cellophane.mp3

Julian Plenti – Esplenade.mp3

Julian Plenti – Larynx.mp3

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