“It was all a bit of a Blur…”

Posted June 1st, 2009 by eric

A handful of the behind-the-scenes pillars of the Blur legacy reminisce about the band’s origins, coming of age, and imminent future. By comparison, the American perspective on Blur is wildly different from pretty much any other country in the world. Even though we know Blur were the titans of the Britpop movement in England, it doesn’t have much effect because the band is still but a blip on our cultural radar. Most Americans only know the “woo-hoo” song played at sporting events. Even at the height of their powers Blur were still playing clubs in the US, which was great for stateside fans like myself. I saw the band seven times in one year and got to meet them not once but twice. I think they were humbled whenever they toured America. Or perhaps a bit confused. I think the amount of time that has passed since the band last toured the US has only served to feed its legend. If Blur were to play shows over here now, I think the venues would be a bit larger. I guess we’ll see.

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