Yet another Strokes side-project delays actual Strokes record

Posted July 15th, 2009 by eric

I really don’t understand bands that take years and years in between albums. The more time that passes, the higher the expectations. Plus, you’ve got crazy short attention spans to deal with, thanks to the shuffling of iPods and whatnot. The kids that bought Is This It are practically moms and dads now. And do we really need side-projects from every single band member? I’ve always kind of been against solo albums if your band is still functional. Does the market really need to be saturated with your every whim? The Strokes’ last record came out over three years ago- an absolute eternity in today’s culture. And instead of news of new Strokes material, the blogs are bogged down today with word that frontman Julian Casablancas has a solo record ready to go. Of course he does. So we have to sit through that promotional machine’s life-cycle before a new Strokes record will see the light of day.

So, Casablancas’ debut is called Phrazes for the Young and was recorded in L.A., Nebraska, and New York with Jason Lader and Bright Eyes mainstay Mike Mogis. This video at hints at the record’s tone:

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